Why Altitude Training

“The record has shown that since 1968, 95% of all Olympic and World Championship medals from the 800 through the Marathon were won by athletes who lived or trained at altitude. It can therefore be concluded that altitude training is necessary for success in endurance events.” – Dr. Joe Vigil, 2008 USA Olympic Team Running Coach

What is Altitude Training?

Altitude training simply involves living and/or training at moderate to high altitudes in order to elicit an adaptive response in the human body, which is conducive to carrying and delivering oxygen to working muscles. In the context of athletics, this physiological response to a reduced availability of oxygen is highly valuable as a means of improvement for athletes of all levels and across all sports. This means of training can be achieved by traveling to high altitude places for extended training blocks, or by using Elemental Altitude Training Center to simulate the environment and stimulate the same adaptations.

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