What Is Sweat Testing?

Sodium concentration is a wide range and varies between individuals from as low as 230mg up to over 3000mg in some rare cases. The amount of fluid you lose per hour is also individual based on your own physiology, as well as environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and how well you are adapted to them.

Sodium (Na) Analysis Testing is a procedure where we collect your sweat and analyze it to find the amount per liter using our special measuring device. Sodium concentration tests are necessary to determine how many milligrams of sodium is in a liter of sweat in order to dial in your hydration needs based on the different environments you train and race in. 

Who Is Sweat Testing For?

Drinking water is not enough! Any person engaging in physical activities where you will be sweating can benefit from sodium analysis testing. Knowing your individual sodium loss per hour can help you better determine the right electrolyte amounts and how much you need to replenish.


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