Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Also known as (IHE) Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure, IHT is an altitude training protocol where you complete short intervals of 1-6min alternating between very high altitude breathing and normal air using a mask. Like sleeping in an altitude tent, the goal of IHT is to improve performance and/or help acclimatize to higher altitude before arriving at your destination. IHT increases the body’s ability to handle low oxygen saturation levels in the blood and increases productivity of oxygen use in muscle cells. IHT can be performed several times a week, as well as be combined with sleeping in an altitude tent. Many clients find that using IHT is an effective and time saving method for altitude training and acclimation. IHT can also be used to recover from hard workouts, as well as help maintain fitness levels while recovering from an injury.

Who is IHT for?

IHT Pricing

$ $35 / hour session